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Fully customized HMI Panel for controlling tractors

To further optimize the yield, intelligent control computers with HMI Panel are increasingly being used in modern agricultural vehicles. Prior to each deployment, the compact terminal is programmed with the individual work steps. The current data can be displayed on an intuitively operated display. The agricultural machine can be navigated via GPS.  

Important characteristics of the HMI Panel are the robustness of the deployed hardware and practice-oriented software. The customized HMI Panel is equipped with a 10.4 cm TFT display with resistive or PCT touch. The customized system was specified in accordance with IP65 degree of protection and so provides protection against dust penetration. The housing is also protected against spray water from all directions. The system can tolerate extreme vibrations of 3 G / 300 Hz 48 h / axis and is designed for operation at temperatures of -40° to +80° C.

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