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The exchange of information plays an ever larger role. This applies especially for wireless communication, which is no longer to be regarded as a luxury but a necessity. RF and Wireless Components can be used not only in classic Telecommunication but also in many further areas, including Industrial Automation, Automotive, Medical and in other vertical markets. For this reason, MSC has specialised in RF technology and supplies a broad range of HF components, wireless communication devices and modules, including software protocols insofar as they are relevant. MSC is in a position to support customer-specific applications and requirements for different target applications. In addition, we have a wide portfolio of transmitter/receiver and complete modules including software. For M2M applications we offer our GPRS, UMTS and GPS solutions. Medical, POS and consumer devices are increasingly equipped with Bluetooth on account of their Smartphone compatibility. WiFi finds its niches in industrial applications and large sensor networks use ZigBee. All these technologies and much more are covered by our comprehensive Linecard.

There are clear reasons …

… for the rising requirements of the market.
Here are a few examples: 

  • Consumer and POS terminals – Need for higher bandwidth and data rate.
  • Medicine – Need for a greater number of medical products, especially for AAL, remote wireless diagnostics and medical control.
  • Transport and Logistics – Need for an increase in efficiency and security in tracking applications.
  • Industry and Building Automation – High demand for wireless sensor networks, M2M and smart metering applications.


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