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In the expanding global world integrity, security and privacy are essential individual needs

In the ever changing world SECURITY has become a major challenge for designers and developers of most systems and applications. Whether the system is a PC, a Gaming Machine, a Medical Device, or an Industrial System, attacks and unauthorized access can lead to critical loss of data, downtime of the network and loss of productivity and revenue.

Check how MSC Technologies can add security to your new designs
For many years MSC was working with financial/governmental organizations, as well as medical, gaming, automotive and building automation industry’s companies on projects requiring secure systems. The security implementations are based on the NIST FIPS standards and customers specific requirements.

MSC can offer a range of standard COM products featuring basic Infineon, Intel?® MacAfee?®, AMD, NVIDIA and ARM Root of Trust (RoT) security technologies enhanced with customized BIOS/UEFI Chain of Trust. The RoT allows third parties to rely on this trust and ensures that the system will behave in the expected manner for the intended purpose. The Chain of Trust extends this trust all the way to Boot Loader / OS and eventually applications and stops the boot process if the attack is identified.

Security and surveillance applications can benefit from some of our dedicated Qseven™ ARM products, offering multiple camera streams and video pipes.

Access control systems based on our COM products offer

  • Secure processing environment
  • Encryption/decryption
  • Secure storage
  • Strong terminal identity
  • User authentication

Our experienced design engineers can help you developing a part or the entire system to your specification from the idea to the final product.

MSC’s state-of the art PCB and system assembly manufacturing facilities can produce and deliver your product in the shortest possible time.

Embedding Biometrics

The MSC Q7-TI8168 compact Qseven™ module from MSC Technologies GmbH integrates a digital media processor from Texas Instruments (TI) with ARM® RISC MPU and digital signal processor (DSP). The DSP is specially designed for computationally intensive image processing tasks. This embedded platform is therefore ideally suited for demanding image analysis and image processing applications for, among other things, identification of biometric data such as iris scanning and facial recognition.

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