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Digital Signage

Compact computer modules and boards for attractive visuals

Getting the right information to a large and versatile audience in different venues requires innovative and scalable hardware and software solutions. Adopting embedded Computer on Module (COM) approach to Digital Signage (DS) system architectures enables scalability and flexibility in addressing various customers’ needs. It has never been easier and faster to build your DS Media Player box or Media Server by utilizing off-the-shelf COM modules, Baseboards, Graphics Cards, Wireless LAN and Memory modules.

MSC Technologies is uniquely positioned to offer variety of standard embedded COM products based on COM Express™, Qseven™, and nanoRISC™ specifications employing ARM and x86 technologies from Intel, AMD, NVIDIA, TI, and Freescale along with other building blocks required to configure DS box.

Our Strengths:

  • Own electrical and mechanical design, manufacturing and systems integration centers in Germany certified to EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 14001 standards
  • A range of embedded COM products scaling from low power low cost ARM and X86 processors to the high end Intel and AMD quad-core processors capable to drive up to four independent displays
  • Ready-to-use baseboards and development kits for fast track applications development and end products deployment
  • A range of AMD and NVIDIA embedded graphics cards capable to drive multiple displays – up to six
  • Support for all standard operating systems including popular middleware

Digital Experiences in Retail

Digital experiences in retail are becoming more personalized and engaging every day. In this video from NRF 2014, Jose Avalos, Director of Visual Retail at Intel, discusses the capabilities of Intel digital signage and the integration of the technology in various product categories. 

Powerful CPU modules drive four independent full HD displays

MSC C6C-A7 based on AMD Embedded R-Series APUs

Intelligent control of up to four high resolution displays for demanding visualization applications in industrial automation, POS / POI and digital signage systems.

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High Performance Graphics Genius: MSC C6B-8S

The MSC C6B-8S module is based on Intel's 4th generation of Core™ processors supporting triple independant displays, DirectX 11.1, fast low-power DDR3-1600 memory and USB 3.0 on a COM Express module. Besides an extensive set of interfaces and features, the MSC C6B-8S offers turbo boost capabilities for CPU and graphics controller, accelerated video encoding / decoding and hardware based security compliant to the requirements of TCG (Trusted Computing Group). The Type 6 pin-out allows direct access to the latest digital display interfaces like DisplayPort, HDMI and DVI. USB 3.0 interfaces support the fasted peripheral devices currently available. 

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