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MSC Technologies offers fully insulated IXYS IGBT Copack ITF48IF1200HR solution with best thermal and mechanical properties

MSC Technologies presents the new isolated IXYS IGBT Copack ITF48IF1200HR, consisting of a fast 1200V short circuit ...more


MSC Technologies presents EUD 100SxxxDD Class II programmable Outdoor LED driver from Inventronics

MSC Technologies presents the second generation of 100W Class II programmable outdoor (IP67) LED driver family from...more


MSC Technologies offers IXYS new 650V X2-Class Superjunction Mosfet

MSC Technologies presents a new 650V X2-Class Mosfet family with current ratings from 2A to 120A and an RDS(on) as low...more


Family of 96W and 150W Programmable Outdoor LED Drivers with Dim-to-Off Function

MSC Technologies is offering a broad array of 96W and 150W programmable constant current LED drivers for lighting...more

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