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PCI Computer Manufacturer Group

PICMG is not-for-profit, tax exempt organization representing a consortium of companies who collaboratively develop open specifications for high performance telecommunications and industrial computing applications. The members of the consortium have a long history of developing leading edge products for these industries.

PICMG's purpose is to offer equipment vendors common specifications, thereby increasing availability and reducing costs and time to market.

Technical subcommittees, under the direction of the Technical Officer, are responsible for the development of PICMG specifications. PICMG is committed to open specifications, available to all and developed by member companies who represent a broad cross-section of the marketplace.

Founded in 1994, PICMG's original mission was to extend the PCI standard, from the PCI Special Interest Group for use in non-traditional computer markets such as Industrial Automation, Medical, Military and Telecom. A number of open specifications have been developed under the PICMG umbrella including CompactPCI®, AdvancedTCA®, AdvancedMC™, CompactPCI® Express, COM Express® and SHB Express®.

MSC joined PICMG in 2005 as an executive member primarily to contribute in the development of the COM.0 specification, also known as COM Express®. Since then we have actively participated in the debates and work group activities to improve the specification and to adopt it to future technologies and market requirements in the embedded industry.

The COM.0 work group also established a common Embedded API (EAPI), which is shared with the Qseven consortium, now part of SGeT. This will ensure the best protection of software investment for COM modules regardless of the module type.

If you would also like to join in standardization process, please visit for more information and the application form.

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