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This applies for

  • Return of defective material under warranty.
  • Return of defective material out of warranty.
  • Return of agreed test samples on borrowing basis.
  • Return of falsely ordered and/or delivered items.

Is a return shipment necessary?

Before you return parts or products, please check with our Technical Support first, if a technical problem can be solved without a return shipment.

Please do not send back parts or products, which have been damaged on the transport from MSC Technologies Systems GmbH or DSM Computer GmbH to you. Report the damage immediately to your transport insurance and to your transport company respectively. According to our general terms and conditions, we deliver goods ex works and assume no liability for damages during transport.

Is a return shipment economically?

The effort of RMA handling and the cost of return shipment for low-cost products like cables and other various small parts are disproportionate to the value of the goods. To save you and us unnecessary effort and cost we will replace free of charge or credit these products in case of a justified complaint.

The following preconditions have to be fulfilled:
Value < € 25.- / pc. (plus VAT).

If this is the case, a return of the complained parts is not necessary. In case of more than average complaints we reserve the right to enquire the return of the defective parts for quality assurance reasons and a more detailed analysis to exclude a defective production batch or handling mistakes.

Defective material out of warranty

For out of warranty complaints we always invoice the handling on a time and material basis plus shipment cost.

If a complaint is made within the warranty period and an analysis shows that the defect was caused by faulty handling, the warranty expires and we will invoice the handling of the item/s on a time and material basis plus shipment cost.

How does the RMA procedure take place?

Please request an RMA number before you return parts and/or products. Please fill out our RMA-Form to the best of your knowledge and attach it to the delivery. Material delivered without RMA authorization will not be handled and will be kept in storage for a maximum of 6 months. Should it not be possible to clarify open questions within 6 months this material will be returned at your charge.

You may accelerate the RMA process significantly by adding pictures of the defect/failure to the RMA-form. Our technicians can thus evaluate the chances for repair and in the best case even arrange an exchange shipment even before the defective material arrives.

In case you repeatedly return goods without detailed failure description, we will charge you € 25.- per item (plus VAT), irrespective of warranty obligations. Please understand that incompletely filled out request forms cannot be dealt with and will be sent back to you for completion.

After having received your RMA number, put the number on your return delivery note and send the parts together with the completely filled out RMA form as free delivery to our RMA department. Please understand that only free deliveries can be accepted and non-free deliveries are sent back at the expenses of the sender, without assuming any liabilities for the back transport.

Please take care that the return parts are packed properly for a safe transport and that the packaging is meeting ESD demands (Electro Static Discharge). We assume no liabilities for damages occurring due to inappropriate packaging of the returned parts.

Parts and products with valid warranty claim will either be repaired or replaced. Parts and products without warranty claim (warranty expired, damage was caused by the customer, no damage can be found, etc.) will be repaired at the price of € 85.- (plus VAT) per working hour. Needed spare parts will also be charged. Therefore please check in advance if the technical problem can be solved without returning the goods.

We will return defective goods to the manufacturer. If the manufacturer does not accept the warranty claim, we will pass on all incurred expenses to the customer. Goods with no defects will be returned and the time for the analysis will be invoiced.

If repair charges exceed the original price of the returned goods or if the returned goods are irreparable, we will invoice an analysis charge up to € 150.- / item (plus VAT).


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