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Vending / POS

Off-the-shelf Industrial Embedded computer technologies for the shortest time to market

Nowadays the vending machines and POS terminals are part of everyday life and are installed in all sorts of harsh industrial environments. To ensure secure and reliable 24/7 operation these systems require industrial computers to be able to withstand these conditions.

Being one of the world largest industrial computers-on-module (COM) manufacturers MSC Technologies is proud to support the Vending and POS industry with the products suitable for the purpose.

Our small Qseven™ and nanoRISC™ COM products based on the low power ARM and X86 technologies are ideally suited to fulfill the Vending and POS systems requirements. Modularity, scalability, a range of Interfaces, security features, remote management capabilities, computing and graphics power offered by these products enable a variety of applications within the industry.

Ever growing demand for mobility in payments has created a strong opportunity for the integration of mobile connectivity into a variety of payment applications including POS terminals, ATMs, and vending machines. These and other custom specific requirements can be easily implemented on the proprietary baseboards and along with the standard industrial embedded COM products enable easy configuration of the POS and vending machine systems.

Apart from the range of the COM products MSC Technologies offers software and hardware design and manufacturing services ensuring the shortest possible time to market.

Our Strengths:

  • A variety of industrial embedded COM modules based on the latest Intel, AMD, and ARM processor technologies ranging from low power entry performance to high performance single to quad core processors
  • Software and hardware competencies located in several design centers in Germany capable to support you with custom specific designs
  • Partnership with the major CPU and GPU technologies suppliers like Intel, AMD, NVIDIA, TI, Freescale, Infineon as well as partnership with graphics cards manufacturers enable early access to the latest technologies
  • EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 14001 certified design and manufacturing services
  • Worldwide operations

Qseven makes good coffee

Compact Qseven™ module controls intelligent coffee vending machine with touchscreen
Veromatic coffeemachine

The Ultima M high-end coffee vending machine from Veromatic International BV integrates a MSC Q7-US15W-FD Qseven™ module from MSC Technologies, a TFT display from Hitachi and a touchscreen solution from our Display Solutions group.

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