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MSC Technologies presents 5.7-inch (14,48cm) TFT VGA display from Evervision with super high brightness

MSC Technologies offers the TFT VGA display module, part number VGG644804-6UFLWU, from Evervision. The display features excellent brightness of 1.300 cd/m², thus making it easily readable in bright and sunny daylight conditions. It is suitable, for example, for outdoor applications in an industrial environment. Typical fields of application include parking ticket vending machines, charging stations for electric vehicles, car wash point-of-sale (POS) systems and outdoor terminals.

The VGG644804-6UFLWU LCD offers a 640 x 480 VGA resolution and is equipped with a high-efficiency power LED backlight. The power consumption of the display backlight is 2.88W @ 1.300 cd/m². If required, the power consumption can be reduced by choosing a lower backlight current, for example, 20 percent of the original value, that is, 0.576 W at 260 cd/m². This possibility is especially interesting in applications where the display is not allowed to warm up. Furthermore, by using a lower backlight current, the customer can significantly prolong the minimum lifetime of the LED backlight of 40.000 hours at 25 °C.

The wide operating temperature of the display ranges from -30 °C to +80 °C. Thanks to the Ultra-wide View (UWV) polarizer technology implemented by Evervision, the display offers horizontal and vertical viewing angles of 80 degrees in all four directions and prevents color inversion. The display is provided with an 18 bit LVDS interface.

Evervision’s super high brightness VGA display module, part number VGG644804-6UFLWU, is optionally available with resistive touch panel or with IPCT (USB or I²C).

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