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MSC Technologies delivers cost-efficient, high-performance iSLC SSD series from InnoDisk

MSC Technologies has expanded its product portfolio with the SATA 3IE4 SSD series from InnoDisk, which is based on Marvell controllers. Running on Innodisk’s proprietary iSLC technology, it provides performance equal to that of SLC at a much lower cost. The iSLC technology in combination with integrated LDPC error correcting code ensures an extended lifespan; upward to seven times that of standard MLC products.

The iSLC technology’s MLC cells which typically hold two bits are made to hold just one instead – effectively emulating SLC cells. With this is place, write speed reaches SLC levels. iSLC offers a drastic increase in lifespan compared to MLC products, while sporting SLC like performance at a much lower price. This makes iSLC SSDs the perfect choice for industrial and embedded applications where MLC often do not meet longevity demands and SLC are seen as too costly. 

Integrated thermal sensor technology enables stable operation even in extreme temperatures, which along with advanced power management further bolsters performance and reliability. Innodisk’s own iData Guard technology smartly integrates hardware with firmware to ensure data integrity in the event of a sudden power outage. 

The implemented LDPC ECC technology extends product lifetime, DRAM-less increases data integrity. The SATA 3IE4 SSD series supports S.M.A.R.T, TRIM, NCQ, and iData Guard.

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