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Breaking News: Security for placing wireless radio devices into the EU market

According to news of the magazines Heise Verlag (07.04.2017) and Bild Zeitung (08.04.2017) is the minatory stop of product placement for wireless devices in the European market abandoned, which are not fulfilling or tested against the new EU Radio Directive RED.

Most probably only 75% of the Certification Standard for Radio Equipment will be ready  by due date 13th June, 2017 and also some of the test standards have been released on short notice End of 2016 / Beginning of 2017.  Hence the time for testing their devices is very short for most of the device manufacturers. Hundreds of thousands different types of devices with implemented radio technology have to be accredited according to the new Specifications. No matter if WLAN-, Bluetooth-, cellular devices or others these are subject of those new Radio Standards. And the testlabs are actually entirely used to capacity. The Wireless Market impends to stop in the EU.

Several industrial organisations, but also the German Ministry of Economics hereupon have complained at the responsible EU Commission. Beyond this, the new German Minister of Economics Mrs. Zypries has filed a complaint and criticized the EU Commission.

The standardization mandate was issued very late (12 months delay) from the EU to the ETSI and also some of the approved standards have not been published in time. Hence the time frame for the industry is too short for the testing of their devices.

According to those mentioned two magazines, the imminent stop of the sales of those products is farther:

The EU Commission is showing a way to a solution. A proposal for the industry has been made, to use the older standards for a period of another two years. Especially if some new specifications will not be ready and are still available as a draft version only, the commission will be very generous and allow the test with old specifications. Thus the devices can still be sold, but also new devices can be sold with this constrains. To this you can find a first statement on the website of the “Agency of the EU-Commsion in Germany”.

The accredited Testlabs and particularly the Notified Bodys can provide detailed instructions and information, which regulations can be executed during the transition.

MSC Technologies offering to consult our customers on new radio devices, further about the status of the certifications related to products MSC is selling, but also the progress of certifications regulations in general.

We, from MSC Technologies, will also try to send further information on this issue and keep you updated in the future.



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