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Wireless Technologies

Wireless Technologies are more and more important in the electronics world, but also an increasing complexity is a problem for electronic developers. Also users who never have been using Wireless Technologies in their applications in former times are forced to integrate these in the future.

Hence, we are trying to explain some basics about the technologies and how these are differentiating on the following pages.

We have to distinguish between Short range technologies (also called ISM Band technologies) like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and more and Cellular technologies, like 2G (GSM/GPRS), 3G (UMTS, HSPA) and 4G (LTE). Additionally we have to take a look on Global Navigation Satellite System Technologies for Navigation and Localisation.

Please take a look on the comparison tables, but also on the different bullets in the sub-menu.

Comparison of ISM-Band technologies:

Tabelle ISM-Band Comparison



Comaprison of Cellular Technologies:

Cellular Technologies

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