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Products used in our Embedded Systems

In order to find the correct driver and user manual for the DSM products, please use the reference table below.


Embedded Systems
Product Number      
Product NameBuilt-in Board
96M1563 NanoServer NN-A96M5946-47
96M1557-A NanoServer N1-A96M5946-47
96M1558-ANanoServer N2-A96M5946-47
96M1563-GM45   NanoServer NN-GM45      96M5970
96M1557-GM45NanoServer N1-GM4596M5970
96M1558-GM45NanoServer N2-GM4596M5970
96M1563-QM67NanoServer NN-QM6796M5985
96M1557-QM67NanoServer N1-QM6796M5985
96M1568-QM67NanoServer N2-QM6796M5985
96M1557-QM87NanoServer N1-QM8796M5990
96M1558-QM87NanoServer N2-QM8796M5990




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