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Core competencies for board solutions

The wide range of embedded modules in the COM Express™, Qseven®, ETX® and NanoRISC form factors are based on the x86 or ARM Cortex Ax processor architecture. In particular for high speed designs, DDRx SDRAMs, PCI Express™ and USB 3.0 interfaces, front-side buses and special graphic functions are available. In addition to the development of FPGAs / FPGA SOCs, innovative, cost-optimized circuit-board designs, e.g. flex designs, can be implemented.  

Depending on the customer requirement, the processor modules are developed in accordance with the industrial or medical standard or special EMC requirements. In addition to a thermal and functional simulation, a signal integrity test can be performed. Various operating systems are supported, with Microsoft® Windows®, Windows® Embedded and Linux Embedded as standard.

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