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Wolfspeed Power

Wolfspeed Logo

Wolfspeed is the world’s leading manufacturer of silicon-carbide Schottky diodes and MOSFETs for efficient power conversion. These devices provide increased efficiency, higher switching frequency and reduced system size and weight in a variety of applications including power supplies and solar inverters.

Wolfspeed Power MOSFETs

C3M0065090J 900 Volt, 35A, 65 mOhm, T0263 SMD 7Pin
C2M0025120D 1200 Volt, 90A, 25 mOhm, TO 247 package
C2M0080120D 1200 Volt, 90A, 80 mOhm, TO 247 package
C2M0160120D 1200 Volt, 90A, 160 mOhm, TO 247 package
C2M1000170D 1700 Volt, 5A, 1000 mOhm, TO 247 package
CAS100H12AM1 1200Volt 100A (Modul) 16 mOhm / half bridge
CCS050M12CM2 1200Volt 50A (Modul) 25 mOhm / 6-pack (3phase)
CAS300M12BM2 1200Volt 300A (Modul) 5 mOhm / half bridge

Sales Contact

Contact: +49 (0)7249-910-0