The innovation of the MSC Q7-TI8168 is the combination of an ARM ® Cortex ™ A8 RISC MPU with TI’s C674x VLIW DSP core offering up to 8000 MMACS. This powerful product is especially suited for Medical/Industrial Vision Systems, High-end Test &Measurement, Tracking and Control as well as Medical/Biological Imaging.

The MSC Q7-TI8168 MPU Module incorporates a high performance C6A8168 MPU @ 1.2 GHz with DDR3 memory, GbE and industrial interfaces including Flash memory. The module fully supports the Qseven Standard Rev. 1.2 interface, allowing simple integration with our range of Qseven baseboards or custom developments.

For evaluation and design-in of the MSC Q7-TI8168 module, MSC provides a number of different development platforms.

  • 70x70
  • 9W
  • Medium

Texas Instruments TMS320DM8168:

ARM Cortex™ A8 CPU up to 1.2 GHz

DSP Subsystem C674x up to 1.0 GHz


2GB Flash SSD soldered on board

Gigabit Ethernet

1x PCI Express x1 port

HDMI/DVI up to 1920x1080 resolution

Single Channel LVDS 24 bit up to 1280x720 resolution

Dual Independent Display support

Two SATA-II interfaces

Six USB 2.0, HD Audio

Technical Data - MSC Q7-TI8168

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ARM Cortex-A8 + DSP


1 GByte DDR3-1600 SDRAM, soldered


2GB NAND Flash

Storage Interfaces

2 x SATA-300


5x USB 2.0 host, 1x USB Client/Host (OTG)

Serial Interfaces

1x I2C
1x SMBus

Bus Interfaces

1x PCI Express x1

Display Controller

Integrated SGX 3D graphics engine, up to 30M polygons/s

Display Memory


Display Interfaces

HDMI 1.3/DVI 1080p @60Hz
LVDS 24 bit, single channel, max.1440x900

Network Interface


Audio Interface

AC’97 Audio


Real Time Clock
battery buffered via Qseven connector
Camera Interface, 8 bit YCbCr on feature connector

Feature Highlights

Three independent graphics accelerators (DaVinci)


Bootloader for Linux installed

OS Support

BSP for Linux
BSP for Android on request
BSP for Windows EC7 on request

Power Requirement

+5V +/-5%, 5V Standby, 8W typ.


Ambient Temperature - 0° … 60°C operating, commercial
-40° … 85°C operating, extended by end 2012
Humidity - 5 … 90% (operating, non-condensing), 5 … 95% (storage, non-condensing)






Heatspreader with non-threaded or threaded standoffs
Passive heat sink to be mounted on heatspreader


Carrier board for evaluation in ATX form factor
Carrier board in 3.5" (ECX) form factor

Icon ExTemp High

+85 °C

Icon ExTemp Low

-40 °C

Order Reference - MSC Q7-TI8168

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Order No. Description Reference Status  
40977 Qseven-compatible CPU module (70x70mm) TI TMX320DM8168 ARM Cortex A8 at 1.2 GHz, integrated DSP C674x at 1.0GHz, 1024MB DDR3, soldered, HDMI/DVI 1920x1080, LVDS 1280x720, one GbE, 1x PCIe, 2x SATA, 6x USB 2.0, 2GB Flash, 0-60°C MSC Q7-TI8168-004 PCBFTX OR
PV = Preferred variant; OR = on Request (in OEM quantities only)
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Carrier Options

Order No. Description Reference
40686 Qseven - The MSC Q7-MB-RP2 is a reference platform provided to test and qualify Qseven modules for compatibility with the specification 1.2. Connectors for all signals available on the Qseven edge connector including CAN are provided.
40824 Qseven embedded platform (148 x 102 mm), 10-28V input voltage, 1x RS232 on pin row, 1x RS232 debug port, dual RJ45 LAN connector with LED, 1x SATA, 1x mSATA con., SD card holder, 2x external USB, 1x USB Host/Client, 1 intern USB, DVI + LVDS, touch screen support, regulated backlight supply, mini PCI Express socket, AC97 Audio codec, Audio on pin row, CMOS battery, system fan support. MSC Q7-MB-EP4-001 PCBFTX

Cooling Options

Order No. Description Reference
1053769 Heat rail for Q7 baseboards. Recommended for conductive heat transfer from the Q7 module to the Q7 baseboard. MSC Q7-XXX-01 HTR-001

Starter Kits

Order No. Description Reference
44625 Starterkit for MSC Q7-TI8168 modules. Includes MSC Q7-MB-EP4-001 PCBFTX Baseboard, Heatspreader, Console Adapter, SD Card with Linux OS installation, Power Supply and cables. Does not include MSC Q7-TI8168 module. Please order #41810 MSC Q7-TI8168-001-ES PCBES separately MSC Q7-SK-TI8168-EP4-KIT001 SETPAC

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