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MSC Medical

Medical Markets

Scalable performance for medical appliances

From multi-media patient entertainment and information panels to highest performance medical imaging systems, MSC's embedded computer solutions offer ready to use platforms for state-of-the-art medical and clinical devices.

COM Express Ivy Bridge

At the high end COM Express modules based on latest Intel and AMD dual-core or quad-core processor technology deliver outstanding computing and graphics performance for medical imaging or robotic and laser surgery applications. Medium range COMs using Intel Atom, Intel Celeron or AMD G-Series processors can be used in ultra-sound or x-ray systems.

For portable devices a choice of ARM or Atom based platforms with optimized power consumption is available. Secured systems for critical patient data also are supported using secure boot schemes and hardware based data encryption. In addition to the commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) computer platforms, MSC supports customers from the medical area with EN ISO 13485 certified design services and production facilities.

Qseven Module with Media Processor for Imaging Applications

This compact Qseven™ MSC Q7-TI8168 module features a new, higher-performance DaVinci DM8168 digital media processor by Texas Instruments (TI). The processor integrates an ARM ® Cortex-A8 RISC MPU (up to 1.5 GHz), the C674x Floating Point VLIW digital signal processor (DSP) with up to 8000 MIPS and 6000 MFLOPS, as well as video and graphics accelerators. The DaVinci DM8168 digital media processor processes up to three 1080p 60 fps video streams simultaneously and is perfectly suited for multichannel HD video monitoring systems, video conference systems and media hubs and servers.

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Embedded TV: Compact Qseven™ MSC Q7-TI8168 module

INTEL 3rd. gen core processors for medical

Datasheet: MSC C6B-7S


Embedded and display solutions for medical applications


Med Engineering International 1/14

Developed for portable Medical Systems

MSC Technologies’ MSC Q7-BT compact Qseven™ module family with the latest Intel® Atom™ processor E3800 offers high performance with low power consumption. The processor modules are thus particularly suited for use in portable, battery-operated systems. Thanks to the implemented error correcting code (ECC), which ensures high data integrity, reliability and system availability, medical devices with special safety requirements can therefore be realized.

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