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2017-02- 8

MSC Technologies presents compact DC-DC converter from YDS for gate-drive applications

MSC Technologies presents the new Yuan Dean Scientific (YDS) DC-DC converter 17D-18D0618NA3KV targeting especially Mosfet & IGBT gate drive applications.

The 3 W converter is built in a space saving SIP-7 package with an input voltage of 18 V ±10% and dual output of 18 V/85 mA and -6 V/250 mA. The primary/secondary insulation is 3 kV (2 sec/0.5 mA).  

In comparison to standard DC-DC converters for general use, DC-DC converters for Mosfet and IGBT gate-drive applications have completely different demands. Regardless if they are based on standard silicon or silicon carbide material the choice has to be made according to other criteria: Using SiC transistors with its special characteristics with very low threshold voltages it´s important to ensure save and fast turn-off with a proper negative voltage spike and turn-on with a strong positive voltage pulse that ensure a fast turn-on to use the full benefit of the SiC efficiency. These voltages have to be provided reliable and with the sufficient speed by the converter. 

In general looking at DC-DC converters for driving transistors with higher switching frequencies and high dv/dt means more stress in comparison to other standard industrial or consumer applications. For high reliability of the circuitry it is necessary to design the converter transformer with low coupling capacitance and high quality I/O insulation.  

Due to their strong R&D strategy and high flexibility YDS is able to fulfill also customized requirements concerning the electrical parameters fulfilling all possible individual needs.  

Visit MSC Technologies at embedded world 2017 in Nuremberg, Hall 2, Booth 238.

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